• Welcome to Mystical Illusions

    Welcome to Mystical Illusions

  • Welcome to Mystical Illusions

    Welcome to Mystical Illusions


Mystical Illusions has been in business for over 18 yrs. and is the first licensed Tattoo Studio in the Oklahoma City metro Area!

Mystical Illusions has over a million designs to chose from or you can bring in your idea and have one of their award winning tattoo artists design a custom tattoo just for you.  Mystical Illusions uses only implant grade body jewelry, always gives free aftercare with every piercing. We use hospital grade digital sterilization, and always give a 100% guarantee that every tattoo and piercing is safe and clean. We have the largest selection of body jewelry in Oklahoma City.

We are a personable shop! If you have a question on pricing for a tattoo, please bring your idea into the studio. It is very hard for us to price a tattoo over the phone or internet, as pricing depends on size, detail, placement, and color.


Requirements for Piercing a Minor Child


  •  Child must be at least 14yrs. old.

Child must be at least 14yrs. of age to get a piercing, no exceptions.  NO TATTOOS FOR MINORS ~ Tattooing any person under the age 18 is a violation of State Law!!

  • Minor Child must have a Valid ID

ID Must have a Picture and a Name printed on it. Examples include School Id, Whitewater Pass, Frontier City Pass, Etc.

  •  Original Birth Certificate

Minor Child must present their Original Birth Certificate issued from the County Health Department.  Hospital Birth Certificates will not be accepted, as these are just keepsakes and not official documents.

  •  Parent/Guardian Identification

Mother/Father must present valid State or Government issued ID, such as Drivers License, Passport, or Military ID.  Non-Parent LEGAL Guardians must present proof of guardianship in the form of Court Papers Signed by a Judge.

  •  Parent/Guardian Supervision

Parent/Guardian must be present for the entire procedure.  Many parents do not want to watch the procedure; however the parent must be in the room for the entire procedure.


Requirements for Tattooing/Body Piercing an Adult


  •  Client must be 18 years of age or older.
  •  Client must have one of the following:

A Valid State Issued Drivers License or Identification Card.

A Government Issued Military ID or Passport.

Foreign Identification must have the Month/Day/Year separated.